How Professionals Deal with Blocked Drains in Havant

One of the significant concerns homeowners in blocked drains havant Havant face is blocked drainage. A blocked drain can disrupt daily activities, create an unhealthy environment, and cause serious damage to your property if not addressed quickly. It’s not a situation any homeowner would fancy, yet it occurs often than less. Thankfully, drainage professionals in Havant deal with such cases promptly and efficiently. This article reveals how these professionals deal with blocked drains.

Immediately you contact a professional about a blocked drain in Havant, the process kicks off with an assessment of the situation. They will ask you questions about what you’ve noticed concerning the blocked drain. For instance, you might have noticed slow water draining from your sink, a bad smell from your drains, or even a weird gurgling sound from your pipes. Your responses to these questions will provide them an insight into what the problem could be.

Next, the professionals will carry out an in-depth inspection of your drainage system. This might involve the use of modern technology like a CCTV drain survey. A small camera is lowered into the drain to see the inside in detail. This camera sends live images to a monitor that the professional uses to identify the exact part of the drain that is blocked and what is causing it.

The problem identified will determine the next course of action to ensure a lasting solution. The most common cause of drain blockage is the build-up of fat, food remnants, hair, or soap scum. For such blockages, they might use a process known as high-pressure water jetting. This involves blasting water at high pressure down the drain to push the blockage through and clear the pipe.

Situations of severe blockages caused by tree roots, broken pipes, or structural issues might require a more drastic method. Drain professionals might have to dig or excavate to remove the obstruction physically or replace the damaged pipe. If the problem originates from a public sewer, they will liaise with the local authorities to ensure the issue gets resolved.

Clogged drains can also be caused by several households disposing of items incorrectly down the sink or toilet, such as wipes, diapers, and fats. In such cases, drain specialists would give advice to property owners on what they should and shouldn’t dispose of in their drains.

Once the blockage is cleared, these professionals will usually conduct one more CCTV survey to ensure the blockage is completely gone and the drain is working correctly. They will also clean up the area leaving your property as clean as it was before they started their work.

Finally, professionals dealing with blocked drains in Havant provide preventative advice to homeowners. This includes suggestions about regular drain cleaning to prevent a build-up that can lead to blockages and basic education on proper disposal of materials.

Drainage problems can cause significant inconvenience and pose health risks. So, it’s comforting to know that professionals in Havant are equipped to deal with blocked drains efficiently and prevent them from recurring. They use strategic problem identification methods, industry-leading tools, and in-depth knowledge of drainage systems to provide a solution to blocked drains. Their commitment to customer satisfaction ensures they leave your property clean and provide useful advice to help you prevent future drain blockages.